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First Aid Out There

First Aid Out There for Boating & Outdoors

Published by On Board Publications
Available beginning October 2009
Only R79.00 by post in South Africa

After several requests from boating enthusiasts and suppliers,
We had extensive consultations with several practising para-medics. 
The script gives the current best paractice.

OBP published First Aid Out There in September 2009.
It's South Africa's first plain language, no nonsense 1st Aid guide.
It's small enough for any boat's locker or the pocket of your waterproofs. 

First Aid Out There satisfies SAMSA requirements.
A first aid book should be carried on every vessel.
This is the one!

One page has been left for updates, additions, or change of practice.
These will be posted on thus site

    First Aid Out There features:
  • How to take a Temperature guide
  • Diagnostic chart for interpreting Effects of Heat & Cold
  • Explanation of medical terms in plain language
  • Incident/Insurance form - ideal when an insurance claim results
  • Guide to Blood Loss and Signs of Internal Bleeding
  • Suitable for use on land when off road, including advice about snake bites

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