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Best Book & Chart Prices in South Africa - OBP/RCC books listed
Tom Morgan's pilot books (marked **) and OBP books are always in stock. Ask about other titles
Titles in stock are cheaper than any other supplier in South Africa. Please check before ordering.

We are awaiting a shipping order so prices from other publishers may vary from those below.
Marine Radio Exam, 2ng Ed.

Book Titles by Publisher
On Board Publications S. A. Nautical Almanac 2008/2009 ** R125 On Board Logbook & Passage Planner R125 Boat Trekkers Guide** R125 How to Pass Marine Radio Exam, 2nd Ed R99 Small Craft Personal Logbook R62 First Aid Out There, For Boating & Outdoors R79 Click here for Stockists of books above South Atlantic Circuit (RCC)** R620.00 whilst stock lasts Havens & Anchorages (RCC)** R375.00 whilst stock lasts RCC Pilotage Foundation Atlantic Crossing Guide R668 Atlantic Islands (4th Edition) Please ask Atlantic Spain & Portugal please ask North Africa Please ask Pacific Crossing Guide Please ask First Aid Out There Imray Books Price liable to change with next shipment East Africa Pilot R560 Grenada to Virgin Islands R405 Indian Ocean Cruising Guide, 2nd Ed R540 Passages & Landfalls R405 Seychelles Islands Pilot R570 Trinidad & Tobago, Cruising Guide, 1st Ed R290 Trinidad & Tobago, inc Barbados & Guyana R350 Fernhurst Books now published by Wiley This range is being restocked Other stock items will be added shortly Fernhurst Companions Discontinued, too expensive
Brazilian Charts available
Salvador Approaches & Salvador Port R250.00/each
Imray Caribbean Charts (ask for list in stock), All R260
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