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Small Craft Personal Logbook

Small Craft Personal Logbook

Published by On Board Publications
Only R62.00 by post in South Africa

After extensive consultations with several 
representatives of watersport organisations
OBP published the Small Craft Personal Logbook in 2006 
Notice was given in Marine Circular 2 of 2005 that 
A correctly filled-in logbook should be used to
show experiential sea time.
The Small Craft Personal Logbook satisfies SAMSA requirements.
Amendments to skippers national certification are available on this site. 

Candidates upgrading skippers tickets
should follow the link below for
Amendments in requirements from Marine Notice 13 of 2006

    Logbook features:
  • Logging pages have adequate information for SAMSA requirements
  • Pages for certificates, like First Aid, etc.
  • National Syllabus paths for each grade
  • Explanation of endorsements and provision for entries
  • Click here For slight changes by SAMSA since publication

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The complete text of Marine Notice 13 of 2006 (107 pages) 
can be downloaded by clicking here